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If anybody has sent me an email recently and has not got a reply, please resend it. I had a mailbox fail which has since been fixed. Thanks 🙂

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Updated: 31st January 2015 — 1:29 am


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  1. Hi John
    What is toroid is 945E and 971 manual tuner ?
    130 -2 or 200-2 ?
    Vy 73

    1. Hi Zsolt.

      If you mean the standard one in the balun that comes with the tuner, its an unknown ferrite. In the modification I made to the 971, I used a T130-2.

  2. where do I get the cap.47nf all I can fine are uf and pf

    1. Hi Rodney.

      0.47nF is equal to 470pF (or 0.00047uF)


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