Raspberry Pi as a server

I have always been a Linux fan and have owned a Raspberry Pi for some time which I use for all sorts of things. A new model was released in February, the Raspberry Pi 2 model B, so I got one. It’s quite impressive with its quad core 900MHz cpu and 1GB RAM.
Now my old model B+ was redundant, I decided to set it up as a home server to run some services that I was previously using a cheap VPS for. The server is at http://j0hn.uk and is pictured below.

The j0hn.uk Raspberry Pi server

The j0hn.uk Raspberry Pi server

The B+ has a 700 MHz (clocked to 800MHz) ARM1176JZF-S CPU, 512MB RAM and is using an 8GB micro SD for Storage. It is a very capable little machine and is running many server applications. Power is provided from an iPhone charger at present, but I am currently building a UPS for the Pi, but as of today, its been up since first boot, 26 days ago.

The Raspberry Pi is a great tool for all sorts. More info is at raspberrypi.org

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