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Hi and thanks for visiting! I’m John, 38 (1977 model) from East London / Essex, UK. My Locator is: JOØ1CM. WAB: TQ58. I have been interested and fascinated by both radio and electronics from a very young age, which makes this a perfect hobby for me! I have been licensed since January 2007.

John, M0UKD on the SOTA summit of Helvellyn in the lake district.

John, M0UKD on the SOTA summit of Helvellyn in the lake district.

I use an Icom IC-7600 from home on HF. Antennas are a Diamond X-50N mounted about 11 metres above ground for VHF/UHF, and a 20m long doublet fed with 300Ω feeder for HF. I also operate QRP/QRO portable with an Icom IC-7100 or Icom ID-51E (50th Anniversary Edition). I have been known to activate the odd SOTA summit! I can be found on data modes aswell as voice modes. RTTY, PSK31, Hellschrieber, JT65, WSPR etc. I enjoy building homebrew equipment and generally playing with electronic circuits.

I am a member of the Secret Nuclear Bunker Contest Group (GB0SNB). My other hobby is Photography, most of which gets posted here on Flickr. I host my own web server in London, which serves this and a few other websites, such as my photography site. Take a look at this servers current System Info. I also have a Raspberry Pi running some services at j0hn.uk

I hope you find my pages interesting. Thanks for visiting! John.

I passed my Foundation exam and got the callsign M3UKD on 4th Jan 2007. After operating as a Foundation Licencee for six months, I then took the Intermediate exam and passed in June 2007, and got the call 2EØUKD. I then took the advanced exam on 10th December 2007, and got the results on the 21st. Fortunately, I passed, and got the callsign MØUKD on 21st December 2007.

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