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RSGB 21/28MHz Contest

RSGB 21/28MHz Contest - 4th October 2015. Operating from Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker.

The 15m and 10m beams.

A few of us decided to have a go in the RSGB 21/28MHz contest on Sunday. We used Georges call, M1GEO and a combination of equipment from us all. I brought my 3 element 28MHz Yagi, Dave M0TAZ brought the two masts and his 21MHz 4 element Yagi, while George and his dad brought the Icom IC-7700 and generator. Fred G3SVK also came and done some CW.

UK stations can only work outside the UK and non UK stations can only work UK stations. This made it quite hard work as there was not much activity due to the bands not being in good shape, especially 10m. We could hear some beacons though, although not strong, we received a beacon in Brazil and one in Argentina. We did work some good DX however, including South Africa, Uruguay, Brazil and VP8NO in the Falkland Islands on 28MHz.

The operating table.

The operating table.

Still, we had fun operating outside in the October sunshine for possibly the last time this year!

Building a 4 element 15m monoband Yagi with M0TAZ

Hmm, what to do on a bank holiday Monday? Well, we decided to purchase the aluminium to build a 15m and 10m Yagi about 6 months ago, so it was time to make something of it. Dave M0TAZ is building a 4 element 15m Yagi, and I am building a 3 element 10m Yagi. Dave started constructing his 15m beam this week. It is a DK7ZB 28Ω feed-point 4 element Yagi, with a forward gain of ~6.4dBd. The elements are tapered with 3 different sizes of tubing and the boom is 40mm square and 5m long. All that’s needed now is the feed-point arrangement and it’s ready for testing! Still, it looks great and is very rigid. Cant wait to get it on the mast! Here are a few photos for now…

The 15m Monoband Yagi

The 15m Monoband Yagi

The 15m Yagi - Disassembled.

The 15m Yagi – Disassembled. About £100 worth of aluminium!