This page contains projects and electronic circuits that I have built. Some are amateur radio related, others not.


  • 70MHz Quarter Wave Ground Plane – Building a simple 1/4 wave ground plane antenna for the 4m band.
  • 144MHz Portable Yagi Beam – A compact, portable 6 element 144MHz Yagi antenna. built for quick assembly in the field or up mountains.
  • Magnetic Loop Antennas – Experimenting with a VHF magnetic loop and a larger HF one in the back garden.
  • Carolina Windom – Construction details for a 20m (66ft) off centre fed ‘Carolina Windom’ multiband antenna.
  • 20m Loft Dipole – A crude shortened monoband dipole that fits in the average loft. My first HF antenna!

Baluns, UnUns and Impedance Matching

Capacitive Touch CW keys



Other stuff

  • Rig Interface – An isolated PC/transceiver interface for data modes.

Not radio related projects

  • 12v > 240v Inverter – A simple inverter project using a PIC microchip, some MOSFET’s and an old transformer.
  • Alkaline Battery Charger – A low constant current source for experimenting with recharging non-rechargeable batteries.