Day: 17 March 2013

New look website

I built a website when I got my full licence in 2007 as a place to show a little bit of information about myself. Over the years, more and more content was added.

I thought it was about time to give the whole site a new fresh look and also to start posting regular blog updates of the things I get up to in radio / electronics; this post being the first!

I hope you enjoy browsing this website.

73, John M0UKD.

EDIT: After making this new site in March 2013, I have finally decided to switch over to it today (15th September 2014), over a year later! Most of the old content should still be here, some of which will be removed soon and replaced with much more up to date items. Please contact me if you are looking for something and cant find it, or if you notice any errors 🙂