Echo – AO51 Apollo 11 anniversary SSTV image and audio

On July 20th 2009, AMSAT marked the 40th anniversary of the linar landing, by transmitting a looped audio and SSTV image. Here is the audio and SSTV image I recieved from AO51 satellite, 435.300MHz on 20th July 2009. 1729 GMT.

SSTV Image received Robot 36 format.

Press PLAY above, to hear the audio I received with an FT-817ND and homemade 7 element handheld yagi 435.300MHz

This is my homemade beam for receiving AO51. Wooden boom with bicycle spoke directors/reflector and a coathanger as a driven element! 4:1 coax balun. AO51 is a signal 7 on a good pass with the FT-817ND.

Amsat control team’s schedule page screenshot

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