Experimenting with an end fed half wave

I went down to the river Thames a couple of mile from home today for some portable operation and some experimenting with an end fed half wave antenna. I recently built a Parallel tuned coupler for feeding end fed half waves from 7-30MHz and this was tested on a few bands. I wanted to try 15m, but the band was full of contest stations due to the Scandinavian contest, so I cut a piece of wire for a 17m vertical. Below is some video took by Dave M0TAZ of me working Chris SM0OWX on 18MHz.

I have used the coupler on a few different bands now in various configurations with good results. I shall add a post with more results after some more tests and fine tuning soon. Here is a photo of the inside of the unit. 73 John.


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  1. I’d love to see some more detailed pics of the tuned coupler. I’m currently in the UK also.

    73’s KE5GII


    1. Hi John.

      Thanks, there is some more info and photos of it here: https://m0ukd.com/homebrew/end-fed-half-wave-antenna-tuned-coupler/

      73 John M0UKD.

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