Baofeng CH-3+ Desktop Charger

UV-3R+ and Charger

I recently bought a Baofeng UV-3R+ 2m/70cm handheld. I always said I would never buy a Baofeng, but I wanted something cheap that I could throw about at work and not worry about. Anyway, we all know that you get what you pay for in life. It comes with a desktop charger, which had a problem. It has a USB cable and a small DC jack which plugs into the base itself. When I first plugged the DC plug in, it felt weird. It did work, but you had to fiddle with the plug to get it to make a connection. What happened is it had pushed the centre pin of the small DC socket backwards, because it must have not been central in the socket.

UV-3R Charger DC pin bent back

UV-3R Charger DC pin bent back

To fix it, I decided to drill a small hole above the socket, just big enough for the cable, cut the DC plug off and solder the wires direct to the PCB.

UV-3R+ Desktop Charger - Fixed!

UV-3R+ Desktop Charger – Fixed!

Fixed, no connection problems now!

Updated: 20th September 2015 — 11:32 pm


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  1. Hi – very interesting as I am thinking of buying a Baofeng myself. However if I had been in the situation you had with the faulty plug, I would have simply asked for a replacement. I’d be interested in why you decided not to do this.

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Peter.

      When I told the buyer, they was happy to send another. It was then I thought i’d get inside and fix it. I was happy with the fix so I contacted the seller and told them there was no need to send a replacement.
      At least I won’t have the issue again!

      73, John.

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